Pointe Shoe Darning

Here at Song & Dance we offer a fantastic pointe shoe darning service. Many people have used this darning service and have been extremely pleased with it.  Pointe shoes and soft pointe shoes have been sent to us for pointe shoe darning and soft pointe darning from all over the UK! We darn pointe shoes and we also darn soft pointe shoes (or soft blocks). Let us take the worry away from you.

Darning Service

Satin Darning
Satin Darning

The Pointe Shoe darning service is simple and easy to use. We will even sew in your pointe shoe ribbons and elastic as well. There is an extra charge for this,  just remember to put your ribbons & elastics inside the package with your pointe shoes or soft pointe shoes. If you need to, you can purchase some pointe shoe ribbon & elastic here.

How To Pay

There are two ways to pay for our pointe shoe darning service. You can purchase the darning service here as a product, paying by credit card, debit card, PayPal or you can send us a cheque. Our darning service rates below include the cost of return 1st class postage:

  1. £26.00 Darning only
  2. £30.00 Darning & ribbon sewing (send your own ribbons)
  3. £33.00 Darning, ribbon & elastic sewing (send your own ribbons & elastics)
  4. £37.00 Darning & ribbon sewing (we provide ribbons)
  5. £41.00 Darning, ribbon & elastic sewing (we provide ribbons & elastics)

How To Send

  • When paying by card just print your receipt off twice, keep one copy for yourself and include one copy in your parcel with your pointe shoes. Your receipt should have your return address on it. Remember to include any ribbons you would like us to sew in for you or if you have ordered these with ourselves there is no need to worry.
  • When paying by cheque, please make out your cheque for the correct amount for the services you require and make it payable to Song & Dance. Please include your return address with your pointe shoes. Please mark your parcel ‘Darning Service’ and send it to Song & Dance, 71-73 Keighley Road, Colne, Lancashire, BB8 0QF. Remember to include any ribbons you would like us to sew in for you. For any enquiries our e-mail address is songdancecolne@aol.com.

How Long Will It Take

Your pointe shoes will be returned within approximately four days. Our busy periods are August, September & December. During these months darning may take a little longer. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 07794341659.

What Does Darning Look Like?

Canvas Darning
Canvas Darning

This picture shows the way we darn pointe shoes. All shoes are darned by hand. The darning process takes around an hour per shoe. For more information please take a look at our “How we Darn Pointe Shoes” page.

History of Pointe Shoe Darning

In the early days most people darned their pointe shoes.  Of course, professionals rarely darned their shoes, because they just didn’t last long enough – but everyone else went through the ritual every time they bought a new pair of pointe shoes.

If you don’t darn your pointe shoes, the satin on the tip wears away quite quickly leaving a rather bald-looking area around the pointe.  
If you have your pointe shoes darned properly with crochet thread, the darning will take a long time to wear away.  The darning will get dirty but it will protect the shoe for a long time. Instead of the satin wearing away while you are dancing, the darning will wear away very slowly, helping your pointe shoes to last a lot longer!

The darning also serves as reinforcement so the platform stays firm for longer and it will give you more traction on the floor.

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