Pointe Shoe Fitting And Soft Pointe Shoe Fitting

ColorspointeshoesgrishkoWe are the POINTE SHOE supplier and Pointe Shoe fitting specialist serving Colne, Nelson, Burnley, Barnoldswick, Earby, Barrowford, Skipton, Clitheroe, Ilkley, Rawtenstall & Blackburn. We have many people visiting us from the North West, Yorkshire, Liverpool, Blackpool and Cumbria.  We have even sent our shoes abroad to girls who have been fortunate to study ballet with famous ballet companies.

We take care and time to advise on the type of shoe and fitting depending on the dancer’s level of ability. We have pointe shoes to suit dancers from beginner pointe class to prima ballerina. Our aim is for you to be comfortable, confident and safe when dancing.

Pointe Shoes

We carry a wide variety of pointe shoes from many different companies. We have a great relationship with Grishko who supply pointe shoes and soft pointe from Russia. These Grishko pointe shoes have many different styles within there range and are of excellent quality. We also stock pointe shoes from Capezio and Sansha to name a few other suppliers but the list is endless!

Fitting Toe PadsPointe Shoe Fitting

We have highly trained fitters to ensure that your pointe shoes and soft pointe shoes are fitted correctly.

  • Soft pointe shoe fittings and pointe shoe fittings are carried out in a comfortable environment for the ballerina.
  • Fittings usually take between 30 minutes to an hour.

This is to ensure we get a perfect fit as pointe shoes and soft pointe shoes have to fit the length of each foot correctly, the width of the foot correctly and also be the correct shape of shoe for the ballerina’s foot shape.

We have to look at the ballerina’s toes as she points her feet to ensure all her toes will be as comfortable as possible in the pointe shoes. This also helps us to determine the style of shoe required. We look at the arch of the foot as well as the strength of the foot. Toe pads, toe tape and any other accessories that may be required would be fitted at this stage as this will make a difference to the size of pointe shoe needed.

Pointe shoe fitting is very complex and cannot be rushed so you must allow between 30 minutes to an hour for each fitting. We therefore recommend you to ring and book an appointment to avoid a lengthy waiting time.

To book an appointment please call us on 07794 3416590.

Pointe Shoe Fittings are available every day, however we do recommend you ring and book an appointment to avoid lengthy waiting. We are open late on Thursday until 7pm and some Sunday appointments are available.  Visits can be arranged at your dance school – please ring 07794 341659 or e-mail songdancecolne@aol.com for more information.

Our fitters

Pointe Shoe FittingOur pointe shoe fitters have been professionally trained by Esther Juon and have many years of fitting and dancing experience. Esther was born and raised in Switzerland. She trained in classical ballet with Armin Wild and the Opera House Ballet in Zurich where she danced with the company for one season. In 1972 she went to London for further training with Rambert and the then Dance Centre in Covent Garden.

A fall while training brought her professional carer to an abrupt end. After an operation and learning to walk again she returned seven years later to ballet as a teacher. She opened her first Ballet school in Crawley, Sussex, England and in 1985 moved to Brighton where she became a registered BBO teacher. She opened Dance Laines Ballet School and Pointe Shoe Fitting Centre in January 1985. She built up the reputation of her ballet school and became renowned for her structured adult ballet classes. She ran Dance Laines for 20 years before moving to New Zealand.

Looking after your feet

After the fitting, the ballerina will be given tips on how to look after their feet as well as how to look after their pointe shoes. Learning how to tie the ribbons can always be tricky but at Song & Dance we will help you with this too. The Ballerina is then encouraged to try out her new pointe shoes. 


We also have many accessories available for the care of your feet and shoes.

  • We have a range of ballet ribbon in a variety of widths. Narrow ballet ribbon (used on soft ballet slippers) is available in pink, white, ivory and black. New for this year is a narrow ballet ribbon that is soft, very similar to the pointe shoe ribbon. Girls with small ankles have found this new ribbon to be much more comfortable. We have a new colour pointe shoe ribbon which has been designed to match most pointe shoes, creating a much neater look to the feet and ankles, as the ribbon blends well with the tights. A thick pointe shoe ribbon is proving to be very popular as well as a new pink, wide elastic.
  • Elastic for ballet shoes is also available in black, pink, white and ivory.
  • Invisible elastic is a popular choice for pointe shoe wearers as it is almost invisible under pointe shoe ribbon.
  • We have suede toe patches available as well as darning thread, but for those who cannot sew (or just simply do not have the time!) a pointe shoe darning service is available.


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