Capezio Contempora Pointe Shoe


Machine – stitched suede, is lightweight and flexible, V-shaped vamp with a drawstring and a medium platform, in a light salmon satin.

See below for our Darning Service, Suede Protector,  Mesh Bag, and Ribbon

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Capezio Contempora Pointe Shoes.
Capezio pointe shoes are part of a long lasting tradition dating back to 1887. Salvatore Capezio created the very first American-made pointe shoe. Salvatote Capezio learned how to make the best dance shoes. He did this by listening to dancers.

  • Capezio Contempora pointe shoes are designed for the slim foot.
  • This pointe shoe has a moderate platform for stability.
  • Platform – the exterior flat end of the pointe shoe.
  • The Platform allows the dancer to stand en pointe.
  •  The Vamp is a slight ‘V’ shape.
  • The Capezio Contempora Pointe shoes are slightly tapered.
  • Made with a cotton drawstring and soft cotton lining.
  • The material used is european pink satin.
  • Available in two width fittings.

Available in a number #2 leatherboard shank.
Leatherboard shanks are numbered 1-5.
#1 being the lightest and #5 being the hardest.

These shoes are in US sizes.
A US size 4 would be a UK size 2, a US size 5 would be a UK size 3 etc


Matching ribbon is available and a mesh pointe shoe bag to keep your shoes in. 

We also offer a pointe shoe darning service, see below.
Please note that if you select this option we will notify you of the expected delivery date. 

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